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The Standard Size Springback Tee can telescope 42″ high and 26″ low. It can be used by young athletes starting at the age of five years old all the way up to the major league level.  The standard size springback tee has been and still is a new evolution when it comes to the baseball tee. The weighted base, spring coil action and untearable rubber top covers all former issues when hitting off the tee. The springback tee has been tested through thousands and thousands of swings by MLB Players/elite division one college baseball and softball players and continues to pass the test of time. The standard size springback tee comes in black stem only online.

Height: 26″ Collapsed, 42″ Extended

Eli's Springback Tee™ 26-42" Telescoping Tee

$115.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price

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